Protect Your Investment—and Your Health—with Your AC Filter

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As a homeowner, you know the importance of maintaining your home’s central HVAC system. Not only does regular HVAC maintenance save you money down the road, but it keeps the environment inside your home comfortable and healthy, too. Let’s take a look at how clean AC air filters and general air conditioning maintenance in Mabank, TX can help you protect your investment and your health.

Potential problems to avoid

There are many reasons to not allow your air filter to get clogged up. Here are just a few of them:

  • Uneven cooling: Any amount of airflow restriction can negatively impact how well your air conditioner functions—and a clogged air filter can definitely cause this. When the cooling system is sending the same volume of air in but the filter is restricting airflow, that air cannot be distributed evenly throughout your home. The ductwork may be fine, yet you may notice hot or cold spots in certain rooms or areas.
  • Wear and tear: All HVAC systems being used on a regular basis go through normal wear and tear. However, the better maintained ones will last the longest. A clean air filter helps to prevent dust, dirt, pollen and other debris from building up on the unit’s internal components, while a dirty filter causes additional wear and tear that can result in costly repairs later on.
  • Reduced efficiency: Replacement air filters are cheaper than having to replace any other HVAC component. Failing to replace the filter on a routine basis will cause the system to require more power to cool your home.
  • Allergen buildup: Clean air filters are absolutely necessary for households with asthma or respiratory allergy sufferers. Dirty filters harbor allergens (pollen, mold, bacteria, etc.), causing them to build up in your ducts. In short, breathing healthy air is as easy as replacing your filter every month.

A word from our team

Ken’s Comfort Zone Air Conditioning strongly recommends changing your AC air filters once a month, or twice if you have pets. Believe it or not, changing the system’s air filter is a simple task that can protect the HVAC system against unnecessary breakdowns, while also protecting your health. Moreover, a dirty, clogged air filter will eventually stress out the system—be it the motor, the electrical connections or another component—and it can have adverse effects on your and your family’s health.

Don’t let the small things discourage you from replacing the filter! If you don’t know what filter your system takes, you can simply measure it and search online for the model and serial number. You’re also welcome to consult with a professional at Ken’s Comfort Zone Air Conditioning, who will inform you of the manufacturer’s recommendation. Our pleated filters are some of the best air filters available. Change these filters at least once a month to ensure you are breathing in the freshest, healthiest air possible. Also, replace the air filter before you begin using your furnace come winter—otherwise, you risk running the system with a moisture- and mold-infested filter.

Is it time for routine air conditioning maintenance in Mabank, TX? Call Ken’s Comfort Zone Air Conditioning today. Your wallet—and your doctor—will thank you!

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