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End-of-Winter Checklist for Heating Systems in Mabank, TX

February 20, 2017 3:32 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

It is getting to be time to switch over from heating to air conditioning. As cooler temperatures end, this is a good time to check heating systems in Mabank, TX thoroughly before shutting them down. Taking these steps assures better functioning next season and could even save you money on repairs. Here is your end-of-winter checklist for your furnace:

  • New filters: Changing filters at the end of each winter assures you have a clean start next season. Since the filters in your furnace affect air quality and efficiency, it is a good idea to change them out at regular intervals. Failure to do so increases the threat of carbon monoxide poisoning, although it is more likely you will face inflated utility bills. By setting up an end-of-season changeout schedule, you assure this essential task is not skipped. Many alarming noises and smells are easily solved with new filters.
  • Look for damage: Looking for noticeable damage now prevents a bad surprise later. Cracks in the combustion chamber are especially dangerous to your home. They make carbon monoxide leaks possible, and if you have an older furnace that lacks a shutoff valve, you face a serious issue. Never let this go until next year, as there is a risk you may forget about the problem completely. Call a technician as soon as possible; you may need to replace your furnace.
  • Clean up: It is better to keep the area around your HVAC appliances clean. Removing dust, debris and clutter from around the furnace is one good and prudent step. You should also maintain this habit through the summer. It is easy to assume leaving items near the furnace is harmless on hot summer days when the heater is the furthest thing from your mind. There can be a sudden cool day that will inspire you to fire it up again. If the area is cluttered at that time, it becomes a fire hazard.
  • Address shortcomings: If there were odd noises, smells or rooms that heated better than others, it is better to address them now than wait until you need the furnace later. Just as with clutter, filters and cracks, it is too easy to forget possible repair issues that could lead to a catastrophic failure. At the very least, note any issues in writing so you can address them later this year.
  • Consider upgrades: This time between winter and summer is a good one for installing a new HVAC system. If your utility bills seem high and damage to your furnace is extensive, it may be time for a new energy-efficient system that works better and saves you money in the long run. Even if your system works fine, you may wish to consider dehumidifying and other add-ons.

For repair and installation of heating systems in Mabank, TX, call Ken’s Comfort Zone Air Conditioning today. We can help you complete this checklist and ensure your furnace is ready for next winter. We look forward to helping you soon!

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