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What to Expect from Air Conditioning Installation in Mabank, TX

February 20, 2017 3:38 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

Since it is not too hot or cold right now, it is a good time to consider upgrading your HVAC system. If you’ve relied on window air conditioning units for years, this may be the time you pursue central air conditioning installation in Mabank, TX. While we take steps to make this as easy on you as possible, you should still know what to expect. Here is what you will likely go through as we install your new air conditioning system:

  • Municipal requirements: There is a chance your new system requires a permit. This is especially true if you are installing commercial air conditioning. Your contractor obtains permits, and this process is included in the cost of installation. If you are concerned about this part, just ask. Your contractor will also schedule the final inspection at the time of securing permits, so there should be a seamless transition between installation and use.
  • The mess: Many people board pets and stay away from home, because this could seem like we are gutting your house. After all, your current system is being completely removed. That can include ductwork if necessary, which makes for an extensive project. Once we remove all the old components, we clean out the areas before we install new equipment. That is one bright side to this process.
  • We start with the ducts: If you purchased new ducts, they will be installed first. The larger your home or business property, the more involved this installation step becomes. Since this involves exposing walls, that is why many residential customers board or crate pets—to keep them safe.
  • Location of the outdoor unit: The outdoor unit to your new air conditioning system could go anywhere. We try to place it in the same location as your old one, but sometimes that may not be optimal for your new system. Contractors should consult you before upsetting this balance, since you likely do not want the unit positioned where you maintain decorative landscaping.
  • Electrical work: We test connections to see if they meet the electrical demands of your new equipment. If they do not work, we upgrade them. Refrigerator lines and piping are also checked for compatibility. Any parts that fall short are replaced.
  • Thermostats: When you replace your HVAC system or install air conditioning, consider replacing the thermostats, too. Unless you already have a programmable thermostat, this can be a big cost-saving measure. If you did not order a replacement thermostat, the new equipment gets attached to your old one and contractors will program it for maximum efficiency.
  • The big startup: First, we charge the system and test it. We look for shortcomings, repair any issues and make the final adjustments. Quality control is taken very seriously. Once we know everything works as planned, there is a final inspection and the disruption is over for good. You can now enjoy a better cooled home this summer!

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