Regular Inspections Can Help You Avoid HVAC Repair in Mabank, TX After a New Installation or Replacement

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As a homeowner, it’s important to note that HVAC inspections are a crucial part of regular home maintenance. You need to perform basic inspections each month, while the professionals do a more thorough annual inspection both inside and outside and take on the actual repair work. For your part, all you really need to commit to is setting aside 30 minutes on a weekend to do a quick check of vents, filters, ducts, exposed unit components and the unit itself. If anything looks odd, call a trained HVAC technician to take a closer look.

Here’s how regular inspections can prevent a need for HVAC repair in Mabank, TX after you have a new unit installed or replaced:

• Inspect the air filters: It’s easy to think the air filter is not as important as the rest of the HVAC system. After all, most are disposable and easily replaceable with a fresh one—but leave a dirty filter in too long, and you’ll be living with poor air quality. Like all the other parts of your HVAC, filters have a job to do, which is to trap air pollutants so they don’t clog the system.

• Look in the ducts: You need to take a look inside ceiling and floor vents every once in awhile. This is because although the air filter is in place to catch small debris, some particles in the air can still find a way into the ductwork and buildup over time. Check each duct, even if you aren’t noticing major airflow problems. If you see dust or moisture buildup, call the pros to have your ducts more thoroughly inspected and cleaned. Ignore it and mold may form, metal might begin to corrode or you could experience a malfunction with the heating and cooling system.

• Check the unit for damage: While regular inspections are recommended, you should always do a careful look-over of your HVAC after a powerful weather event—such as a rain- or snowstorm, powerful winds or a heat wave. You are looking for damage that could put your unit out of commission, causing an inconvenience and uncomfortable indoor temperatures.

• Check the system for cosmetic issues: In the case of a severe weather event, checking for serious damage is critical. But you also need to check for everyday damages, most of which will be cosmetic but can quickly grow to be bigger problems if left unfixed. For example, you could wind up with tiny dents corroding to create large gaps, or cracks forming where little scratches used to be.

• Look for mold and mildew growth: Since the main HVAC unit is on the outside of your home or building, you need to look for and wipe away mold and mildew. This is especially important to do during times of extreme temperature changes.

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