Choosing Between AC Replacement and AC Repair in Mabank, TX

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It’s heating up outside, and your air conditioner needs to be ready to operate to keep you cool and comfortable all summer long. Depending on its age, efficiency and any repair costs required to get your AC conditioner operational again, you may want to consider replacing it with a new unit.

Age and efficiency

The age of your air conditioning system can dictate whether you should go with AC repair in Mabank, TX or replace it entirely. If your AC unit is over eight years old, you may be able get more leverage from a newer model. A new air conditioning system will provide you with greater efficiency and help keep your energy bills to a minimum.

Air conditioners that were built prior to 2010 use Freon, which is not especially safe for the environment. Newer AC units incorporate a new refrigerant type that is safer for the ozone, providing you with a greener cooling device. This is in addition to its ability to cool your home easier without running up your energy costs.

Newer AC units are designated as Energy Star models that are specifically designed to cool your home using less energy. These efficient units can cut your energy costs in half and provide you with the cooling reliability you need to get through the heat of the summer from one year to the next.

Costly repairs

You may want to think about replacing your air conditioning system if it is an older model that is causing you problems every single summer. A frequent need for AC repair in Mabank, TX can mean that your AC is past its prime and ready to be replaced with a newer model.

When you have repair needs that are significant and costly, a new AC system may be a wise investment. While some simple AC repair in Mabank, TX is a normal part of air conditioning ownership, when your repairs cost more than half of what it would cost you to replace your AC, it makes the most sense to replace it with a newer model.

With a new air conditioning system, you will reduce the number of calls you make for repairs, and you will gain a system that can cool your house effectively at a lower energy rate. Keep in mind that repairs that are minimal, such as worn fan belts and clogged condensers, are normal. These type of AC repairs should be fixed as needed and don’t necessarily warrant a complete replacement of your AC system. Talk to your HVAC contractor about what the right course of action may be for your home.

When it comes to deciding whether you need AC repair in Mabank, TX or replacement, you need to consider the facts about your air conditioning unit. Weighing its age, efficiency and cost to replace can help you determine what direction to take. For AC repairs or installation, contact Ken’s Comfort Zone Air Conditioning. We have been installing, repairing and providing maintenance for HVAC systems since 1978 and can help you get yours ready for the season.

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