Get Ready for Fall: Tune Up Your Furnace Now

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Most homeowners neglect their furnace maintenance until it’s too late. Suddenly, they find themselves in the middle of a cold December night with no heat, piling on blankets and sweaters and searching online for an emergency HVAC contractor.

At Ken’s Comfort Zone Air Conditioning, repairing heating systems in Mabank, TX is one of the services we offer, and we’ve received many of those emergency calls over the years. What most homeowners don’t realize is that, if they call us in to tune up their furnace in the fall, they can avoid that desperate call for help in the middle of the winter. Here are just a few more reasons why you should get your furnace tuned up this fall:

  • Save money: “Out of sight, out of mind” seems to be the attitude most people have about their furnace. It’s hard to plan to spend money on something that is not visibly damaged. In the long run, however, regular maintenance costs much less than an emergency repair.
  • Keep your home and your family safe: Furnaces require regular maintenance in order to ensure that they are operating correctly and safely. As your furnace ages, there’s a greater risk of carbon monoxide leaks and fire. Having your furnace checked regularly can help identify possible issues before they become deadly.
  • Extend the life of your furnace: If you want your furnace to last as long as possible, it’s important to keep up with its regular maintenance. On average, a furnace lasts about 15 years, but regular maintenance can extend its lifespan way beyond the 15-year mark.
  • Reduce your energy costs: Regular tune-ups can help ensure that your furnace is running efficiently and not wasting energy, helping to reduce your energy bill. While every furnace loses some efficiency over the years, a furnace that does not receive regular maintenance will take a toll on your energy bill much faster.
  • Stay compliant with your insurance: If you have home insurance, chances are your policy requires that you ensure your furnace maintenance is up to date. If you file a claim with your insurance company due to something that occurred because of your furnace, your insurer may require that you provide proof of regular professional maintenance. Many manufacturers also require that you keep up with your furnace’s maintenance if you want them to uphold your warranty.
  • Plan for the future: Surprise home maintenance bills are one of the most common sources of unexpected debt in the U.S. If your furnace needs to be replaced and you weren’t planning for it, that can be a huge out-of-pocket cost. If you have your furnace regularly checked, your HVAC contractor can let you know about how many years (or months) your furnace likely has left in it before it will need to be replaced.

If your furnace is due for its tune-up, schedule your appointment now before winter gets here. Call Ken’s Comfort Zone Air Conditioning, your local experts in heating systems in Mabank, TX, today. We look forward to assisting you!

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