Six Things You Should Know About Heat Pumps in the Winter

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No matter where you live, a residential heat pump can sometimes be a good option. When compared to other types of electric heating methods, a heat pump is a very cost-effective way to heat your home and optimize your heating and cooling costs throughout the year. So why, with these known benefits, do so many homeowners hesitate to get a heat pump? It mainly comes down to how they think the heat pump will operate during the chilly winter months, which may get you wondering how a heat pump can pull heat out of frigid cold air.

If you have reservations about installing a heat pump in winter but want more information, read on! Below are six important things your HVAC technician in Mabank, TX wants you to know about heat pumps in the winter:

  • Heat pumps can always pull heat: A properly functioning heat pump will always have the ability to pull heat out of the air. However, there is a possibility a heat pump won’t work well—or at all. When it comes to functionality, a heat pump is less effective at pulling heat out of the cold winter air when outdoor temperatures are below freezing.
  • Heat pumps have a defrost mode: You must be sure that your heat pump is ready to operate without incident this winter, and depending on how cold it gets where you live, your heat pump may kick into defrost mode often. This action can catch any uninformed homeowner off guard, so be prepared! Defrost mode activates when ice begins to form on your outdoor components, typically when temperatures drop below freezing. In this case, your heat pump will reverse operation as it works to defrost chilled components. Know that this mode is normal and will only last a short time.
  • Defrost mode shouldn’t be on all the time: Although your heat pump’s defrost mode activating is not unusual, defrost mode kicking on too frequently or going too long is definitely not normal. Call your local HVAC technician in Mabank, TX as soon as you notice this problem.
  • Heat pumps and gas furnaces are a great pair: This partnership, also called dual-fuel, is a fantastic combination for people living in areas where temperatures frequently drop below freezing in the wintertime. This means your electric heating can get down to a certain point before it has to switch over to gas heating. The gas furnace then becomes the more efficient heating method.
  • Heat pumps can be programmable: Like your indoor thermostat, you can make your heat pump programmable. When you do this, there’s no need to worry about monitoring the heat pump thermostat. Ask the installer to make things programmable during installation.
  • Check the filter: Your home’s heat pump is no different from other systems in that you must pay attention to the state of the filter. A clear filter ensures the heat pump is sending quality air into your home.

For more information about heating systems, contact Ken’s Comfort Zone Air Conditioning and speak to a certified HVAC technician in Mabank, TX. Reach out to us today to learn more!

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