HVAC Technician Stories That Prove Their Dedication

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Heating and air conditioning technicians have tough jobs. They work long hours in the heat and the cold to ensure that your home and office are comfortable all year long. It takes a lot of dedication to want to fix heaters in the middle of the winter, and repair ACs in the summer when the temperatures are in the triple digits.

Since they sometimes work in adverse conditions, HVAC repair workers in Mabank, TX tend to have a lot of interesting stories from various job sites. Continue reading to learn a few stories from across the country that prove how committed HVAC technicians are to their customers and their craft:

  • Frostbite: If you’ve ever gotten caught out in the cold without gloves on, you may have developed a bit of frostbite on your fingertips—but hopefully you’ll never develop frostbite from working on an air conditioner, as one HVAC technician did in New York City. The good news is that he made a full recovery, but that had to hurt!
  • Duct-taped ductwork: Though it’s part of its name, duct tape should actually never be used to hold ductwork together. A potential homebuyer noticed that the ductwork in the attic seemed to be made up almost entirely of duct tape, which means that an HVAC technician had to come in and replace the whole system. Talk about a long day at the office!
  • Mold remediation: Mold and mildew growth are common in air conditioners, especially if the units aren’t well maintained. There’s a tale of a homeowner who noticed some water damage and mold growth, and the HVAC technicians had to come in and replace her entire unit due to the severity of the situation.

What sets Ken’s Comfort Zone Air Conditioning apart?

As you can probably tell, HVAC professionals are all dedicated to providing exceptional heating and air conditioning service. That said, it takes a lot more than dedication to make a good HVAC company. Here are a few of the reasons why you should hire us the next time you need HVAC repair workers in Mabank, TX:

  • Ethical service: Sadly, there are tons of HVAC companies out there that rip off their customers by either overcharging them or not performing their jobs as well as they should. That’s not an issue with us—we perform an honest day’s work and charge our customers accordingly.
  • Proper licensing and insurance: Reputable HVAC contractors are fully licensed and insured to cover them in case of any unforeseen accidents. Rest easy knowing that we carry the right insurance and all of our employees are licensed to do HVAC work in Texas.
  • Low prices: Feel free to shop around, but you won’t find any companies who charge more competitive prices than we do for our HVAC work! Additionally, we strive to make all of our estimates are as accurate as possible.

If your heating or air conditioning system starts to fail, be sure to call Ken’s Comfort Zone Air Conditioning! We’ll send our team of qualified HVAC repair workers in Mabank, TX out to your house as soon as possible to get your system back up and running.

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