How Thermostat Problems Prevent You from Cooling Down

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Now that summer is here, get ready to hear the roars of air conditioning units kicking on throughout your neighborhood. A central AC is a great thing to combat hot and humid air, but it cannot do its job right if something is wrong with any of its components. Be wary of any changes in its performance, making sure to check the thermostat before calling a technician for air conditioning repair service in Mabank, TX.

The good news is that a number of minor thermostat problems can mimic bigger issues with the system. Think you might have a faulty thermostat? Read on to learn about some of the most common thermostat problems that might be impacting your AC’s ability to cool down your home.

Air conditioner stops working

If your air conditioner stops working out of the blue, head over to the thermostat and check whether the digital face display is lit up. Some devices remain lit all the time, while others only get bright when a button is pressed. If the display is not lit, the thermostat cannot tell the AC to cycle on. There could be a simple reason your thermostat is not receiving power, such as a blown fuse, a tripped breaker or dead batteries.

If you’re positive the device is getting power, shut off the thermostat at the breaker and remove the cover so you can check the internal components. Gently blow away dirt and dust buildup off wires and mechanisms using compressed air. Next, check for loose wiring or screws that need tightening. Wires that are corroded need to be replaced.

Continuous running or short cycling

A thermostat must sit level on the wall and be clean inside. If not, either of these factors can trigger frequent short cycling and continuous running, both of which can have a significant negative impact on energy efficiency. Another possibility is a poorly calibrated anticipator. The cooling cycle may be extended by moving the anticipator arm notch by notch toward the marking for “longer” on the round dial. Run the AC a full cycle between adjustments until the cycling improves. Contact an HVAC pro if you cannot resolve the issue yourself.

The thermostat setting and indoor temperature differ

It’s very irritating when the room temperature never reaches the temperature setting on the thermostat. If you’re experiencing this kind of inconsistency, the problem could be a buildup of grime inside the thermostat. Try cleaning the internal components as described above. Other reasons this could be happening include poor installation or the thermostat being bumped hard by accident, making it sit uneven. To check the level of your thermostat, place a carpenter’s level above or below the unit and adjust it until it sits level. A stuck anticipator on mechanical models or the thermostat simply being in a bad location could also be the culprit.

The key to avoiding a costly breakdown is to resolve the problem as soon as possible. Call the professionals at Ken’s Comfort Zone Air Conditioning today to schedule that much-needed air conditioning repair service in Mabank, TX!

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