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As a homeowner, you likely took care to invest in a quality HVAC system, but what kind of warranty came along with that major purchase? Read on for some information about the most common HVAC warranties and how they can be used to take the sting out of major air conditioning repair service in Mabank, TX.

Warranties and our promise

While product warranties from brands like Carrier typically offer a 10-year parts replacement coverage, your local HVAC technicians can also do a lot repair-wise. For example, a manufacturer’s warranty can help its customers save a tremendous amount of money on service calls and replacement costs. This coverage could potentially save you into the thousands of dollars. Warranties take financial pressure off the customer, but after your warranty expires, the entire cost of repairs and replacement parts will be your responsibility.

When you trust Ken’s Comfort Zone Air Conditioning for your repairs while your manufacturer’s warranty is still in effect, we’ll only bill you for labor. That’s the time it takes for the HVAC technician to diagnose the problem, confirm your warranty and repair or replace your system, part or component. As for the parts, those costs are absorbed by the manufacturer under warranty. Additionally, our team can work with the warranty of any brand—we can research the serial number to confirm the validity of a warranty’s status.

The importance of having a warranty

You might be asking yourself if a warranty for your HVAC equipment is really that important. The answer is a resounding yes, even though the goal should be to never need to take advantage of it. Warranties are offered to protect the customer from issues like malfunctions due to faulty parts, not misuse by the owner. Keep up with regular maintenance and you can think of your 10-year warranty as a cushion that lets you keep your mind at ease.

How to tell if your equipment comes with a warranty

Maybe you forgot what your contractor told you, or you can’t find the paperwork. Either way, you or the contractor had to have registered the part with the manufacturer in order to receive the full limited warranty. Just keep in mind that registration is required for any new HVAC equipment—including heat pumps, central air cooling systems and new motors—and there should be no hiccups should you need to use the warranty any time before it expires. Also, registering your warranty ensures that any licensed HVAC contractor can perform the service under warranty.

Not everything is covered under warranty

As mentioned earlier, the equipment can be replaced under warranty, but the limited warranty only covers the part, meaning labor and the cost of minor materials will not be covered. The services not included are things like the time it takes to make trips back and forth for equipment, trips to the warehouse for parts and hardware and driving to your location to diagnose the problem.

Scheduling a service checkup before your warranty expires can help you protect your investment for many years to come—just ask the team at Ken’s Comfort Zone Air Conditioning! Call us whenever you need quality heating or air conditioning repair service in Mabank, TX.

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