Why It’s Important to Check Your Thermostat for Issues

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When something goes wrong with a home’s air conditioning, most homeowners’ minds immediately jump to the big stuff. You think about the indoor unit pumping air through your home or the outdoor unit sending hot air back outside. People rarely consider the thermostat. That’s too bad, because the thermostat is just as integral to the proper functioning of your air conditioning as any other component.

When you’re experiencing issues with the functioning of your home’s AC system, the thermostat is the first place to look. Here are some tips for checking your thermostat for issues in Mabank, TX.

Simple is most likely

In addition to being essential to the correct functioning of your home’s AC system, it’s also one of the easiest issues to address. As such, when something goes wrong with your home’s ability to cool itself, the easiest solution is the one you should check first.

For example, if your air conditioning stops working suddenly, you might be frightened that something horrible has gone wrong. In fact, a quick check of the thermostat could reveal that all you need is a fresh set of batteries. Other quick fixes could include a tripped breaker inside the thermostat.

Is your thermostat dirty?

When you’re checking your thermostat for issues in Mabank, TX, you should also inspect the level of cleanliness. A buildup of excess dirt, for example, can cause your thermostat to malfunction. If your thermostat is having difficulty reaching an optimal temperature, it could be a result of dirt upsetting the function of the device.

If you decide to clean your thermostat, do so carefully and be sure to follow all manufacturer instructions.

Is your thermostat level?

If you notice that your air conditioner isn’t staying on long enough, it’s staying on too long or it’s ending its cooling cycle too early, you might think that there’s a severe issue with your air conditioning system. In fact, it could be something as simple as your thermostat being off kilter.

A thermostat that’s hanging even a few degrees off center can cause severe issues for the typical function of an air conditioning system.

For everything else, we’re here

Should your AC thermostat need to be checked for issues in Mabank, TX, or if you think something more serious may be affecting your system, call on Ken’s Comfort Zone Air Conditioning.

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