How HVAC Companies Are Protecting Their Employees and Customers During the Pandemic

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The late spring and early summer are busy times of year for HVAC professionals. Homeowners are preparing for the cooling season and want to make sure their air conditioning is up to the task of keeping their home cool for the full season, so they call HVAC technicians out to their home to inspect the system and make any necessary repairs or adjustments.

Of course, businesses of all kinds look a little different right now due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Some homeowners are understandably a bit nervous about bringing outside professionals into their homes. But with people spending much more time at home than usual, it is still crucial for them to have HVAC systems that are in good operational condition so they can maintain comfortable interior temperatures and conditions while working from home.

With stay-at-home orders beginning to come to an end, though, you can expect there to be a backlog for HVAC services, so it is a good idea to schedule your appointment now so you don’t have to be put on a lengthy waiting list.

If you have any concerns about welcoming HVAC professionals into your home, you will be pleased to know companies across the nation are taking some significant precautions to ensure HVAC service call safety for employees and customers alike during COVID-19. Here are just a few examples of some of the precautions we’re taking for our Mabank, TX clients:

  • Sanitizing: HVAC technicians have been instructed to sanitize all their tools before and after each job they take on. They are expected to wash their hands frequently.
  • Distance: HVAC technicians will continue to maintain at least six feet of distance between themselves and anyone else in the home at all times for safety purposes. In general, this isn’t a problem anyway, as HVAC equipment is usually located out of the way of main living areas where anyone else in the home is likely to be.
  • Protective equipment. HVAC technicians will wear masks upon request for your protection.
  • Recommendations: HVAC technicians are offering extra recommendations to people who might be having minor air conditioning problems so they can resolve small issues themselves rather than having a professional come out for a visit. For example, homeowners should make sure they’ve changed their filters, and have the thermostat at the proper setting. They can also go outside to check the condenser unit and make sure it’s clear of debris, and go to their circuit panel and make sure the breaker for the system is on.

Homeowners can also take certain steps to make a visit from an HVAC technician safe and hassle free. If you or anyone in your home is sick, do not call in for an appointment—this puts technicians at risk. Technicians are expected to stay home when they are sick and appreciate being given the same courtesy. Clean and disinfect any frequently touched objects and surfaces in your home using regular household cleaning wipes or sprays, and make sure you wash your hands for at least 20 seconds.

For more information about HVAC service call safety during COVID-19 in Mabank, TX, contact Ken’s Comfort Zone Air Conditioning today.

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