The Most Common Reasons for AC Breakdowns

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If you keep up with seasonal TLC, air conditioners are built to last for up to 20 years without needing replacement. However, that doesn’t mean they won’t have a few problems here and there. This post will cover a few of the most common reasons ACs break down in Mabank, TX and how you can avoid them:

  • Low refrigerant: Your AC uses refrigerant to remove heat from the inside air and cool your home. If there’s a leak in your refrigerant line, your AC won’t put out enough refrigerant to effectively cool your home. In this case, an HVAC technician will need to patch up the leaky line and replace the refrigerant.
  • Frozen evaporator coil: The evaporator coil is filled with refrigerant and soaks up warm air from inside like a sponge. Coils need warm air circulating around them to do their job properly. So, if the coil gets too cold and starts to freeze up, your AC unit will produce warm air or none at all. If that’s the case, turn off your AC to avoid further damage and call an HVAC technician to fix the issue.
  • Dirty condenser coils: The condenser coils are located in the outside unit and get rid of the heat removed by the evaporator coils. Dirty coils are unable to expel all of that heat, which makes your unit work harder and drives up your energy bill. Dirt and grime built up on the coils can also lead to other problems with your unit down the road, so it’s imperative that they’re professionally cleaned every year.
  • Fan issues: One fan is responsible for blowing cold air into your home, and another expels heat from inside. Needless to say, if either fan experiences a problem, you’re going to have poor airflow and an AC breakdown. Common fan problems include faulty motors, lack of lubrication, worn belts or too much dirt buildup. Letting fan problems go for too long may result in a broken compressor, which is an expensive repair.
  • Broken thermostats: A miscalibrated or broken thermostat sends the incorrect signal to your AC system. You may be able to reprogram or reset your thermostat yourself, but it’s often a better idea to let a pro do it. You might also consider upgrading your current thermostat if you have an older one.

Prevent these issues by calling Ken’s Comfort Zone Air Conditioning!

The good news is that all of the most common reasons why ACs break in Mabank, TX are avoidable with one simple phone call. Hire our HVAC professionals each spring to come out and tune up your unit. A spring maintenance call includes thorough cleaning of both the inside and outside of your unit, an in-depth inspection, lubrication of all moving parts and replacement of any failing parts. After a maintenance call, you can rest easy knowing your unit will work all season long without a hitch.

Summer heat is already setting in, and you don’t want to suffer all season with a broken AC. It’s not too late to call for an inspection and avoid all of these common reasons why ACs break down in Mabank, TX.

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