The Best Way to Get Fresh Air Without Keeping the AC Running

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Staying cool throughout the summer months is essential for your comfort and overall health. However, running the AC day and night can cost a fortune. On average, running a central air conditioner can cost well over $100 per month. That’s a ton of money just to stay cool! Luckily, we’re here to help you out. Continue reading to how to get fresh air in without losing cool air in Mabank, TX:

  • Vent your attic: Hot air that gets trapped up in the attic raises the temperature throughout your home. To ensure hot air can escape, install an attic vent with a fan. This is a relatively inexpensive project that’ll save you tons of money while keeping you comfortable.
  • Add insulation: Many homeowners think of insulation as only helping out in the summer. That’s far from the case! Insulation prevents outside heat from penetrating your walls and raising the indoor temperature. Attics are often under-insulated, so consider adding some this summer.
  • Use a box fan: Placing a box fan in a window is one of the best ways to freshen the air in your home in Mabank, TX. Face the box fan outward to blow the hot indoor air right out the window.
  • Install ceiling fans: Instead of running your AC all day, install some new ceiling fans. A central AC costs about 36 cents per hour to run, while a ceiling fan only costs a penny per hour.
  • Improve the fans you have: If you don’t want to spend the money on new fans, optimize the ones you already have. Run the fans counter-clockwise on the highest setting to improve airflow, make a habit of cleaning the blades and fix any blades that are starting to wobble.
  • Flush out hot air: Another one of the best ways to freshen the air in your home in Mabank, TX is to flush any hot air out of your bedroom. Before you climb in bed, open the tops of the windows in your room and run the ceiling fan on the highest setting. The fresh air will circulate throughout your room and push all of that hot air out.
  • Draw the blinds: Plenty of sunshine makes your home feel light and airy. However, all of that sunlight can turn your home into a hotbox. Keep your living space as cool as possible by drawing the blinds during the hottest parts of the day.
  • Avoid using the stove: Cooking on the stovetop adds a ton of unnecessary heat in the kitchen. In hotter months, make dinners that don’t require cooking, or fire up the grill outside.
  • Plant trees: On top of making your property look better, planting some shade trees can make the interior of your house cooler. The leaves block out a lot of the sun’s rays and heat.

Now you know how to get fresh air inside without losing cool air in Mabank, TX. However, you’ll still need to use your AC a little bit this summer. Set up an AC tune-up with Ken’s Comfort Zone Air Conditioning to ensure your unit is functional and as energy efficient as possible throughout the season. Give us a call today to schedule your maintenance visit.

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