Do This, Not That: Tips for Heating Your Home Without a Furnace

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Staying nice and toasty throughout the winter isn’t just important for your comfort, but also for your overall health and safety. Although they’re generally reliable, furnaces can suffer midseason breakdowns, leaving you stuck in the cold until a technician comes.

The good news is that there are some easy ways to stay warm while you wait for your HVAC technician to arrive. Continue reading to learn a few of our top tips for staying warm when the furnace is broken in Mabank, TX:

  • Cook with the oven and stove: Your oven and stove both generate an enormous amount of heat in your kitchen. Cooking and baking in the winter doesn’t just result in a warm meal—it also helps keep your kitchen toasty.
  • Leave the oven open after baking: Be sure to keep the oven door open after you’re finished using it. The heat coming out of the oven will continue to keep your kitchen nice and warm. That said, you should never use your oven as a primary heating source, especially if it’s gas powered.
  • Use your fireplace: This one obviously only applies to homeowners with fireplaces, but starting a fire is one of our best pieces of advice on how to stay warm without a furnace in Mabank, TX. If your fireplace is big enough, you might not need your furnace all winter!
  • Add insulation: It might be a little late to add more insulation once your furnace breaks, but being proactive and doing it before you really need to is a fantastic idea. This project may take some time to complete, but it can save you big bucks on your heating bills and vastly improve your comfort.
  • Don’t run the bathroom fan: Your bathroom gets really hot and steamy after you take a shower. Instead of clearing out the steam by running the fan, keep it off and let it build up. After your shower, open the bathroom door and let that heat warm up your home.
  • Use microwavable heating pads: Microwaving a heating pad is a cost-effective way to stay warm when the heat goes out. By placing heating pads on your hands and feet, you can help raise your body temperature and stay comfortable for a few hours.
  • Dress in layers: Another simple idea for how to stay warm without a furnace in Mabank, TX is to layer up. A few layers of clothes will better insulate your body and help keep you warm while you wait for the technician. In addition to a few layers, put on some thick socks and wear a winter hat.

Prevent breakdowns by calling our team

Getting an annual tune-up is the best way to prevent a furnace malfunction. Although we recommend scheduling the maintenance visit in the fall, it’s never too late to hire Ken’s Comfort Zone Air Conditioning for an inspection. After a quick visit from our pros, you’ll never have to worry about following through on our tips for staying warm when the furnace is broken in Mabank, TX.

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