What’s the Right Amount of Clearance for an Outdoor AC Unit?

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Have you given much thought to how your air conditioning unit is situated? If you’re like most people, probably not—with so much other stuff on your plate, you’re not thinking about how well your AC unit will succeed, until it gives up the ghost. However, AC unit clearance is quite important in Mabank, TX. It directly impacts how well your air conditioner can perform.

Some people wonder how much clearance an AC unit actually requires. Here’s an overview of how it all works.

Your contractors will conduct a site inspection

Your air conditioner needs plenty of clearance to operate properly, which is why your HVAC contractors will inspect the site before anything is installed. This gives them the chance to ensure that the site is appropriate for installation, and clear away any obstructions that might already exist.

Of course, if they don’t mention anything about outdoor clearance, make sure to ask them. They might have already deemed your property a good fit for outdoor AC unit installation in Mabank, TX—but you shouldn’t risk it. Dealing with installation errors can be time consuming and expensive.

Dealing with obstructions

There are plenty of ways you can accidentally obstruct your air conditioner. Construction, landscaping and mechanical obstructions are all possible.

Construction obstructions are usually walls and fences. Make sure you install your outdoor AC unit about two feet away from any fences or walls. If there are windows in the obstruction, it’s important to ensure that the hot air from your AC unit doesn’t flow into the house.

Landscaping obstructions might be shrubs or other gardening meant to “hide” the AC unit. Unfortunately, while it might look nice, landscaping obstructions inhibit your air conditioner’s intake flow.

Finally, you might have mechanical obstructions. Vents in your home or office—such as those for heating, dryers and more—prevent proper airflow. Make sure you place your air conditioner far away from these vents so as to encourage the best airflow possible.

Clearance is mandatory

You need enough clearance for your air conditioner unit to run properly. Your air conditioner pulls in air to run across the compressor and condenser, which in turn cools the air and pumps it into your home. If your unit can’t suck in enough air, you’ll have to deal with low flow, an air conditioner working overtime and higher electricity bills as a result. There’s no way to overstate the importance of having enough AC unit clearance. This is one area where it really pays to install it properly the first time, and to continue to keep clear. The more air your air conditioner can suck in, the better off you’ll be.

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