How Often Should Your Heater Be Inspected?

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A professional heating inspection and subsequent tune-up do wonders to keep your home nice and toasty throughout the winter. The question many people have is how often they need to get their heater inspected. The answer is, it depends!

Keep reading to learn more about when to get your heater inspected.


Generally speaking, the colder the climate, the more frequently you should have a heating inspection. Folks who live up north and have frigid winters should have their heaters inspected in the fall and even again in the spring. Conversely, those in more tropical climates can go up to five years without an inspection since it doesn’t get much use.

In states that typically have mild winters, we recommend having your heater inspected each fall or early winter. Even though you might not have it running full-blast day and night, you can rest easy knowing it’s up to the challenge of heating your home by scheduling an inspection.

Heater age

Another thing to consider is the age of your heater. Similar to an older car, aging heaters need more TLC. Heaters that are over a few years old should be inspected annually to ensure they’re up to snuff and are capable of safely heating your home. Although we don’t recommend it, folks with brand-new heaters can probably go a season or two without scheduling a professional inspection.

Heater condition

This one typically goes hand-in-hand with the heater’s age, but you’ll also want to consider its condition. If your furnace or boiler seems to have some sort of problem every winter, you should be proactive and schedule an inspection as soon as the temperature drops in the fall. Scheduling a maintenance call now can prevent failures down the road.

What are the benefits of a heating inspection?

Now that we’ve covered when to get your heater inspected, let’s dive into why you should schedule an inspection. These are a few reasons to call a pro:

  • Prolonged lifespan: A heater that’s tuned up before each winter is less likely to break down and is more likely to last longer. You can save yourself a boatload of money on replacement by scheduling a yearly maintenance call.
  • Reduced heating costs: If you dread opening up your monthly heating bill, consider calling a technician for an inspection. Under-maintained heaters often have problems that result in higher heating bills. Although we don’t guarantee it, a tune-up will likely reduce those heating costs.
  • Warranty retention: Your heater’s warranty could become void if you don’t schedule professional maintenance. That’s because manufacturers don’t want to pay for problems that could’ve been avoided with routine maintenance. Be sure to read the fine print, and follow your manufacturer’s maintenance recommendations.

It’s never too late to schedule an inspection

Even though we’re already in the middle of winter, you can still hire a professional for a heating inspection. Contact our pros at Ken’s Comfort Zone Air Conditioning to schedule a tune-up to ensure your heater lasts through the end of the winter season.

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