Improve Heater Efficiency with These Simple Tips

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While we’re well into winter, it’s never too late to start saving money on your energy bills. One of the best ways to lower energy bills is by improving the efficiency of your heater. How does one make a heater efficient?

You can easily make your heater more efficient by following the many tips mentioned below. Read on for great ways to save money while keeping your home comfortable. After reading the tips, schedule a tune-up with us:

  • Turn down the heat: One of the easiest and most effective ways of improving your heater’s efficiency is by lowering the temperature. The United States Department of Energy considers 68°F the optimal temperature for saving money while keeping your home comfortable. If this is too cold for you, consider wearing a jacket or sweater around the house. It’ll be worth the savings.
  • Utilize other sources of heat: Take it easy on your heater by using your fireplace once in a while. Just be sure to properly douse your fire after use. If you don’t have a fireplace, no problem. Open your curtains on especially sunny days and let the natural sunlight keep you warm. Once the sun goes down, be sure to close your curtains.
  • Change your air filters: Changing your air filters on a regular basis will help make your heater more efficient. When your air filter is clogged with debris, your heater won’t work efficiently. Some recommend changing air filters around once a month, but it depends on the type of air filter you use. Just be sure to check your air filters every couple of weeks for a buildup of dust and other debris.
  • Invest in a smart thermostat: Use new technology to your advantage. Smart thermostats make it possible to schedule your heater and control temperatures via an app. Thanks to these apps, you can leave your heater off until you’re about to come home, instead of leaving it on all day. This can help save you a lot of money on heating bills.
  • Improve your home’s insulation: Poor insulation allows cool air to seep into your home during winter. By sealing leaks and cracks, you can easily keep your home warm without running the heater all day—and when your heater doesn’t have to work as hard, it will last longer.
  • Keep your chimney damper shut: If you have a fireplace at home, keep the chimney damper closed when you aren’t using the fireplace. Open chimney dampers allow cool air in and warm air out.

Let us tune up your HVAC system

One of the best ways to improve heater efficiency is by letting the experts at Ken’s Comfort Zone Air Conditioning give your HVAC system a tune-up. Our tune-ups include top-quality maintenance that ensures the efficiency of your HVAC system. We’ll also check for and repair any problems with your system. Don’t spend all your money on heating bills this winter. Let us make your heater much more efficient in no time.

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