Why Is My Furnace Not Blowing Heat?

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Nobody wants their furnace blowing cold air, especially in the middle of winter. There are several reasons for a furnace not blowing heat, including low fuel, overheating, a dirty air filter and leaky air ducts. If you’re experiencing a problem with your furnace, be sure to contact an HVAC professional right away. While there may be a simple explanation for your furnace not blowing heat, this could be a sign of a larger issue.

Here are some common reasons for a furnace blowing cold air. Some of these are very simple issues that don’t even require a call to your trusted technician to address.

An overheated system

Your heater has probably seen a lot of use over the last few months. It’s possible this has led to overheating, which can sometimes cause a furnace to blow cold air. Thankfully, furnaces have a feature that turns them off upon overheating, as this prevents carbon monoxide leaks. If furnaces didn’t have this feature, they could even explode due to overheating.

There are several reasons a furnace could overheat, including dirt buildup, equipment failure and age-related issues. When a furnace turns off due to overheating, it may start blowing cold air for a few minutes. This shouldn’t cause major concern, though it’s still best to have an HVAC technician come take a look.

The air filter needs changing

An important part of HVAC system maintenance is routinely replacing the air filters. If your furnace is not blowing heat, this could be due to dirt, dust or other debris covering your air filters. Not only will a dirty air filter cause issues with your furnace, but it could make your energy bills go up.

Be sure to check your air filters at least once a month and change them if necessary. Routinely changing your air filter will help keep energy bills low while maintaining good air quality.

You’re not waiting long enough

When a furnace is first starting up, it might blow cold air. Just give it a few minutes, and your furnace could start blowing warm air. While it’s sometimes annoying to wait for your furnace to warm the house, this usually isn’t a cause for concern.

Leaks in the air ducts

Air duct leaks allow warm air to escape, thus preventing your furnace from efficiently warming your home. If you notice a drastic change in the temperature in your home, let a technician check for leaky ducts. Repairing air duct leaks requires special skills and equipment, so avoid trying to fix them on your own.

If you suspect air duct leaks, contact someone as soon as possible. These duct leaks may make your energy bills shoot up in no time.

Don’t put off furnace repairs

You don’t want those small furnace problems to get worse. If your furnace is not blowing heat, it’s important to contact a professional. At Ken’s Comfort Zone Air Conditioning, we provide top-quality HVAC services to homes. Whether you need a furnace repair, installation or replacement, we can take care of it for you.

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