What You Need To Know About Your HVAC Filters

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Your air conditioning system is one of the most expensive appliances in your home. For this reason, you want to make sure it’s regularly maintained to prevent costly repairs and premature replacement. One of the main parts that needs to be checked is the air filters. So what are air filters? How do they help with the proper functioning of your air conditioner? Why should you regularly clean and replace them? This post discusses what you need to know about HVAC filters to help you keep your unit operating efficiently.

What Is an HVAC Filter?

Air filters are light cloth-like or cardboard-like devices designed to trap pollutants and particles such as mold, dust, pet dander and fungal spores to improve air quality in your home. Air filters also protect your HVAC from damage. Since air filters are inserted directly into your HVAC system, they require regular changing to prevent them from clogging and impacting the normal running of the unit.

Types of HVAC Filters

Air filters come in multiple materials and shapes, each with its own price point and abilities. Here are the common types of air filters.

  • Flat-panel: Flat panel air filters have fibers—commonly fiberglass stretched over the framework. They are affordable as they are disposable and easy to install, but as you would guess, flat-panel filters are not high quality as they allow particles to pass through.
  • Pleated: These disposable filters use plastic fibers or dense screens to remove particles from the air. They have pleats that provide surface area for filtration and debris trapping.
  • Washable air filters: These are reusable filters that come in pleated and flat-panel options. The replaceable filters are durable as they can be washed or vacuumed to remove dust and particles. They’re also eco-friendly.  
  • High-efficiency HEPA filters: These filters efficiently remove 99.97 percent of particles in the air. Although they are commonly used in commercial settings, they can be used in homes, too, especially where people have asthma, allergies and other respiratory problems. 

What to Know Before Buying HVAC Filters

When buying filters, you need to consider the specific needs of your home. How long do you run the air conditioning system? Do you have family members suffering from allergies? Do you have pets or deal with excessive dust? These questions can help you narrow down the type of filter to buy. Be careful when selecting materials and shapes, as some HVAC systems may not work efficiently with restrictive filters that block minuscule particles, which can reduce airflow and cause your home to be heated or cooled less efficiently.

How Often Should You Change Your Air Filters?

Air filter maintenance is relatively easy as it involves replacing or washing the filters. As a general rule, you should change one or two-inch-thick filters every three months or at the start of every season. Three-inch filters can be changed twice per calendar year, while the five-inch thick filters can be changed once every year.

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