Is Your Heater Ready for Winter?

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Furnace maintenance and heater care are vital to your family’s comfort during the winter. It’s always wise to get ahead of the season’s changes by ensuring that your heater is ready. These are some maintenance tips that will help you to keep everything in top shape. 

Change your air filters. 

A filter change is one of the first things to do when preparing your heater for the winter. Filters remove contaminants from the unit so that you and your family can breathe cleaner air. Thus, changing them can keep everyone healthier and extend the heating unit’s life. 

Check behind vent grills in the wall and ceilings to look for your filters, and then swap them before the season changes. Some units have washable filters; you can wash and reuse yours if you have that type of unit. Changing the filter to your humidifier might also be a good idea.   

Clean your blower motor.

A dirty or unlubricated blower motor can cause additional problems within a heating system. Now is the right time to take out your owner’s manual and determine whether your blower motor needs lubrication. If so, you can read how to remove its cover and put the necessary liquid in so it performs well when the air chills. 

Check the thermostat. 

Another test you need to perform is a thermostat check. To do this procedure, you will need to switch your thermostat from the cooling to the heating function and set the temperature a few degrees above the current level. You’ll then need to wait and listen for the heating system to click on to heat the room. Your system is working normally if you hear the click. If not, you may need to make a few adjustments or snug the connections.  

Check your carbon monoxide detectors.

Have a professional visit your home to check your carbon monoxide detectors. These should always be in excellent working order and inspected regularly. Carbon monoxide has a silent killer label because it has no smell, and homeowners never know when it’s in the room. Thus, you’ll need to make checking the detectors a priority. Professionals can visit your home and check your chimney and devices for problems. 

Check your igniter switch.

Checking your igniter switch during your winter heater checkup is a process you should fit into your schedule. Older systems have pilots that need igniting, and new units have electronic versions. You’ll need to check to ensure that yours works, as you won’t want surprises when getting your heat going. If so, you can relax. If not, you may need to contact a professional. 

Do some furnace prep.

You’ll need to check the oil filter and tank levels if you have a furnace. Those units require fluid and filter changes, and you can choose to do them yourself or contact someone to come in and do it for you. 

Those are a few ways to prepare your heating system for the cold months. Do them, and you’ll stay on top of everything necessary and keep your home comfortable. 

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